Enjoy both of these incredible WILLPOWER® workouts in one 30 minute class.

WILLPOWER® Seven Steps +

This total body mini workout or warm up has been adapted from an ancient tradition called the Fountain of Youth.  Begin with seven simple exercises in just 15 minutes.  This special sequence will strengthen, energize and transform your entire body.  You'll learn to progress the workout in a way that works for YOU, and along with a mindful affirmation, you will feel your personal willPower strengthen mentally and physically every day.  Bring out your inner child as well.

This class is always FREE!!!

WILLPOWER® Sole Training

Train your feet with muscular strength and mobility exercises. Learn how to stretch your feet for self-care and flexibility. Truly learn how to train your feet just like you train your quads and biceps.  They are the foundation of the muscularsketetal system and need as much attention as the rest of your body. Strong feet= strong body!

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