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I have suffered from headaches for over half my life (25yrs.) and the majority of these headaches were debilitating to the point of not being able to do normal day to day activities. I had seen my doctor about these headaches over the years and some had diagnosed me with migraines. They prescribed Imitrex injections and muscle relaxers but their effect quickly wore off and I found myself needing higher doses to get any sort of relief from the headaches. I had to stop taking them for fear of an addiction to them. I saw several specialists that could not find any structural problems but sent me for physical therapy. Therapy would help for that day but soon after the headaches would come back, starting in my lower back and working their way up my neck and around my head to my eye. Finally, I ended up in the Emergency Room because the headaches were getting completely out of control. I started to see Raeanne a little over 2 years ago and the change has been nothing short of miraculous for me. I have not had a severe headache since and it is a direct result of Raeanne’s work and abilities that have made this possible. Because of Raeanne, I have no need for muscle relaxers, physical therapy, or any other medication to get relief from what once was just a daily struggle to keep the headaches tolerable. I am grateful to Raeanne for giving me back a part of my life that was spent in pain almost every single day. Because of Raeanne, the change in the quality of my life has been truly amazing and I am grateful to her for giving it back to me! 

Sincerely, Rod Bessey


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