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666 Baldwin St. Jenison, MI 49428

(616) 551-8651


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Get emPowered Fitness Studio

Welcome to Get emPowered Fitness Studio located in Jenison, MI.  We are a community fitness studio offering group classes, massage therapy and personal training to enrich and empower your mind, body and spirit. We pride ourselves in being a foot fitness specialized facility focusing on functional training from the ground up and the inside out! Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned athlete, our helpful staff is trained to assist you in effectively reaching your goals. Get emPowered Fitness provides the latest in cardiovascular, strength and flexibility training, as well as a full schedule of fitness classes including willPower Method®

Are You Enough?


Are You Enough? is a question we frequently ask ourselves with much doubt and fear of being less than. Raeanne has created a program consisting of the focus to emPower participants in achieving self-acceptance, self-love, positive body image and happiness. Tools and exercises are given each meeting to help change the perception in which you see yourself and the world. The course runs 8 meetings and will occur one to two times per year. For more information, contact Raeanne. 


Are You Enough? Seminar

Tuesday March 6, 7:30pm  FREE

~Join us to explore the why, where and how the Are You Enough? program came about.

~Learn about what the program entails, and what you can expect to get out of the program.

~Find out when then next session begins and how to get involved.


Tuesday March 6, 7:30pm



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Our 5th Annual FREE Plank Challenge Event!


Congratulations to all of our Plank Challenge participants!


Special Congratulations! to

Kim Bessey (11:16),

Sara Kandelac (20:24) and

Sandie Smith (21:02)! at 78 years old :)


We are so proud of all who participated.

Why Barefoot?

Learn how to train your feet with a purpose! Click on the button below to learn why we train barefoot here at GEFS!

willPower Method®

Welcome to the only facility in Michigan to offer you all four of these willPower Method®classes. willPower & grace®, is a cardio based total body workout. Barre-Fusion® is a fusion of willPower® exercises mixed with Barre techniques to fatigue muscles, improve balance and posture. IGNITE® is a tabata formatted holistic intensity class that allows you to challenge your cardio, strength and flexilibity at your own pace. SEVEN STEPS TO WILLPOWER is a 15 minute warm-up classes based on the ancient tradition called The Fountain of Youth. The special sequence will strengthen, energize and transform your entire body. All four classes allow you to explore your fitness level in a positive yet challenging manner. Great for all levels. Try one or more of them....because your're worth it!!

Get emPowered Fitness Studio

666 Baldwin St

Jenison, MI 49428


616 551-8651


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Studio Hours

We are open during the following hours:


Sundays: 4-5pm

Mondays: 9:15am-12pm, 5:45-8pm

Tuesdays: 9am-11pm, 6:00-7:15pm

Wednesdays: 8:30am-12pm, 5:45-8pm

Thursdays:  9am-11pm, 6:00-7:15pm

Fridays: 8:30am-10am

Saturdays 8:30-11am

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